Job Descriptions And What They Mean

When going out looking for a job, many job hunters usually take a look at job posts to see what jobs they may fit well into. It usually requires looking into what type of jobs they are through the job descriptions. But sometimes these descriptions may just be too vague to make out.

Job descriptions usually provide job hunters some clues on what a certain job opening may be and what it may offer. But there are times that these job descriptions may be quite unclear as can be. They sometimes have that cryptic message that seem to attract but does not necessarily give out everything about the job. Sometimes job hunters need to try and decode what they might really mean. Here are just some of the generic job descriptions to look for and what they can possibly mean.

Flexible Working Hours

For some job hunters, this might sound like a welcome change from the usual 9 to 5 work schedule. It may mean that work need not necessarily fall on the same schedule day in and day out. But this job description can also have its own downside. It may mean that those working on this kind of company may be called upon to work on weekends on some days. They might be expected to sometimes work well into the night for certain projects. Flexible in this case may also mean unpredictable.

Willing To Work Independently

For job hunters, this being able to work with some level of autonomy might be more than welcome. This job description may be something that would attract them to the job. But it may not be always as clear-cut as it seems.

This job description may also imply that the company may be having a problem at setting their goals and what they need to do, at least from the management level. Those who may eventually be employed may find out that they have to fend out for themselves on what to do without much direction from bosses. This might make their work either challenging or frustrating, depending on the person.

Various Opportunities For Growth

This job description is usually common for many new companies and start ups. Job hunters would want to work in an atmosphere where they can see opportunities for growth. But this job description might also mean another thing.

For some start ups, they may have to make do with small initial budgets. This phrase can be used to entice many potential employees who are willing to work extra in exchange for opportunities to climb up the career ladder. Job hunters should first consider if such a company is a place that they would want to see themselves as working for in the long term. They should also try to make sure if the said start up company may have deep enough pockets in order to provide the growth opportunity that they expect.

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